Savvy Used Car Buyers Choose instaVIN vs CARFAX®

Everyone has to keep their budget belts tightened during an uncertain economy. Gone are the days when you replaced broken down items by running to the nearest store and paying full price for the shiniest new toy. This is especially true when it comes to used vehicles. Once you’ve narrowed down the year and model of the car in your sights, you check into every last detail. You practice negotiating tactics. You are not going to be pushed into a deal you don’t like! There is just one more item that you know smart car buyers have to cover, and that is the VIN check. This is when the really savvy car buyer chooses instaVIN vs CARFAX®.

Why instaVIN?

CARFAX® relies on insurance companies and body shops to report accidents to them. The problem is, those companies do not *have* to report this information and oftentimes, they don’t. Imagine if the used car you are choosing to buy was in an accident that resulted in $16,000 worth of repairs, yet no one reported that to CARFAX®? What value is that $34.99 vehicle history report to you then? For as little as $2.99, you can access to the most comprehensive database of junk, salvage and total loss accidents through instaVIN’s partnership with the National Motor Vehicle and Title Information System (NMVTIS) and thousand of additional sources.  It’s clear that when comparing instaVIN vs CARFAX®, you will experience better services and receive accurate, up to date information at a fraction of the price.

What is NMVTIS?

Through the Federal Anti-Car Theft Act of 1992, NMVTIS was created to help protect car buyers from fraud and unsafe vehicles. The NMVTIS database is a real-time system providing the most comprehensive and up to date data to consumers about vehicle histories. All insurance companies are required by law report total loss events to NMVTIS, so their reports are automatically more extensive and less likely to be missing significant events.

instaVIN On the Go

Typically you do as much research as you can before you go to see the car you want to buy, but you should be ready to buy on the spot if a deal is really as sweet as it seems. So, how are you going to check the VIN yourself? The answer is simple.  Just sign up for an instaVIN account then download their free mobile app onto your phone. From there, you can simply scan the vehicle’s VIN or enter it manually to retrieve a VIN Check report instantly.

The Bottom Line

You should choose  instaVIN vs CARFAX® because:

●        They provide real time, more complete information due to their partnership with NMVTIS

●        Their free mobile app gives you up to date results and market comparisons on the go

●        They not only provide you with better information – their reports are much cheaper!

For more information on how you can save money with instaVIN vs CARFAX® on your next used car purchase, contact them today.


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