Certified Pre-Owned PowerSports Program

Certified Pre Owned Certification for Motorcycles & Powersports

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles Impact Front Line Sales

Certified Pre-Owned for PowerSports

  • Motorcycles
  • ATVs
  • RVs
  • Motorhomes
  • Jet Skis
  • Watercraft
  • Snowmobiles

Three Easy Steps to Certified Pre-Owned!

  1. instaVIN® Vehicle History Report
  2. Approved Dealer Inspection
  3. Limited Warranty

CPO Programs available for Dealers

  • Turn-key dealer programs for most makes & models
  • Convenient & easy Certification process
  • Build buyer confidence & increase front-line sales
  • Add CPO to your line-up: increase profits & customer satisfaction

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Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle FAQs

Certified Pre-Owned for Powersports Dealers!

CPO Programs Add Up to More Sales and Profits for Dealers

With consumer and industry experts consistently reporting that Certified Pre-Owned (CPO)  vehicles are perceived to have higher quality, value, reliability, and desirability; and studies showing that vehicles advertised as “certified with a limited warranty” sell faster at higher resale values, it’s no wonder that Powersports dealers are becoming acutely aware of the importance and impact CPO programs have brought to the auto-side of the industry.

Powersports dealers have been looking on with envy while their auto dealer counterparts reap the benefits of CPO programs through higher unit prices, increased customer satisfaction and service loyalty, and new entrants to their brands. And, observing how auto consumers continue to seek out, and confidently pay more for, CPO vehicles because of the peace-of-mind and quality they represent.  Unfortunately, most auto CPO programs are specific to, or branded from, the manufacturer so each program is different.

With used Powersport vehicle sales increasing, the need for a Powersport-specific CPO program, (ideally brand-neutral yet feature-rich for consistency), has also increased.

Now, qualified Powersports dealers can participate in a nationwide CPO program specifically designed for all brands of motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, trailers and watercraft.

The new instaVIN® Certified Pre-Owned Program offers dealers a turn-key, easy-to-use program that allows certification of any brand of used PowerSport vehicle that meets age and mileage parameters.

Powersports dealers who participate in the instaVin® CPO Program will enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Increased vehicle sales
  • Faster sales at typically higher gross
  • Enhanced consumer credibility and trust
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • New entrants to brand
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Stronger service loyalty
  • Increased revenue per customer over time
  • Lenders more likely to increase advances

In addition, after signing on to participate in the free program, dealers will be able to attend an online implementation webinar hosted by instaVIN. The webinar is interactive and allows review of the program, tools, best practices and, most importantly, how to get the program started within the dealership. The program also provides a host of Dealer Resources to ensure the dealer has all of the information and tools needed to succeed, including:

  • Ongoing support through online training
  • An online media kit, complete with branded inspection report
  • Marketing materials to assist with promotion

The instaVIN® CPO Program includes:

  • Current instaVIN Vehicle History and Title reports (when available)
  • Vehicle inspection performed by the dealer as dictated by vehicle type
  • 3-month limited warranty

The certification process itself is easy. Once the dealer chooses to certify a vehicle, a certification package is purchased from instaVIN, which allows the dealer to run instaVIN Vehicle History and Title reports to check for negative title brands and similar events. Assuming all is clear with the reports, the dealer performs a vehicle inspection according to the program’s certification standards.

After passing inspection, the vehicle is registered with instaVIN through a unique online Express Lane™ and a 3-month limited warranty is issued. Following registration, the dealer has access to a free copy of the comprehensive CPO report they can provide to their customer to validate the warranty, including the instaVIN Vehicle History and complete inspection reports.

With the instaVIN CPO program, dealers can also easily elect to up-sell the consumer from the 3-month CPO warranty to a longer term service agreement. This allows for further direct revenue on top of the increased gross of the CPO vehicle, plus stronger future opportunities.

For more information on the instaVIN® Powersports CPO Program, call 1-800-249-7157.

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Disclaimer

An instaVIN® Certified Pre-Owned vehicle classification includes a Vehicle History Report, Pre Purchase Inspection, and a 3 month Limited Warranty. Although these features add significant value in the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle, there is NO GUARANTY that the vehicle is free from defects or that the Vehicle History Report &/or Pre Purchase Inspection identified all existing defects.

By purchasing any service or warranty from instaVIN® Certified Pre-Owned, you agree that your rights against instaVIN® Certified Pre-Owned and/or any of its affiliates are limited solely to the remedies specifically provided in the Limited Warranty and that you release instaVIN® Certified Pre-Owned, its affiliates, and third party vendors from any and all liability or damages whatsoever that you may incur related to any services provided by instaVIN® Certified Pre-Owned, its affiliates, or third party vendors and you agree that you will not assert any claims against instaVIN® Certified Pre-Owned, its affiliates, or third party vendors for any such liability or damages.