Certified Pre-Owned Auto Program

Turn Your Used Car Into A Certified Pre-Owned Car

When you offer for sale a certified car you can feel confident you are offering the buying public a vehicle that has been:
thoroughly inspected, carries a Limited Warranty and has a vehicle history report.

Three Easy Steps to Certified Pre-Owned!

  1. instaVIN® Vehicle History Report
  2. Approved Dealer Inspection
  3. Limited Warranty

New CPO Programs available to Dealers

  • Turn-key dealer programs for most makes & models
  • Convenient & easy Certification process
  • Build buyer confidence & increase front-line sales
  • Add CPO to your line-up: increase profits & customer satisfaction

Car buyers want Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles:

  • 70% of car buyers surveyed would buy a pre-owned vehicle
  • 1/3 of those surveyed require the car to be pre-owned Certified
  • 3 of 5 car buyers would consider a pre-owned car only if it came with inspections & warranty
  • The car that is Certified will typically sell for 10% - 15% more than a car that is sold “AS IS” & sell faster
  • 45% of dealer sold pre-owned cars sold today carry a Certification

State restrictions may apply

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Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Disclaimer & FAQs

An instaVIN® Certified Pre-Owned vehicle classification includes a Vehicle History Report, Pre Purchase Inspection, and a 3 month Limited Warranty. Although these features add significant value in the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle, there is NO GUARANTY that the vehicle is free from defects or that the Vehicle History Report &/or Pre Purchase Inspection identified all existing defects.

By purchasing any service or warranty from instaVIN® Certified Pre-Owned, you agree that your rights against instaVIN® Certified Pre-Owned and/or any of its affiliates are limited solely to the remedies specifically provided in the Limited Warranty and that you release instaVIN® Certified Pre-Owned, its affiliates, and third party vendors from any and all liability or damages whatsoever that you may incur related to any services provided by instaVIN® Certified Pre-Owned, its affiliates, or third party vendors and you agree that you will not assert any claims against instaVIN® Certified Pre-Owned, its affiliates, or third party vendors for any such liability or damages.