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Naomi Judd shot herself dead in upstairs room of her beloved 1,000

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Controversy: The Sydney-based makeup artist, 28, appeared to confirm on Thursday that the photo at the centre of the controversy was discovered on Twitter or Reddit and not behind an OnlyFans paywall, which many fans had assumed was the case.

  • He said in March that Channel Nine 'has a team of lawyers' who ensure everything that goes to air is legally sound, making the police complaint a waste of time.


Her daughters, actress Ashley Judd and singer Wynonna Judd, also had houses on the property.

  • Police matter: Taking to Instagram on Friday, Domenica pictured with Jack Millar clarified that the origin of the photo was not important, and the reason why she made a complaint to police was because of 'what that image was used for and how it caused me pain and hurt' She was arriving at Newtown police station where it was believed she spent nearly three hours speaking to officers about her leaked nudes.

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